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IT GIRLS party

The IT GIRLS party is a more real than real political party simulation, a memetic think-tank for extra-parliamentary influence, and a p(r)opaganist provocation and performance. IT GIRLS, a collective made up of pioneers of Finnish social media art, comments on the political populism accelerated by the internet, inviting the visitors of this exhibition to reflect on everyday activism and opportunities for open rebellion.

As authenticity and alienation define our experience of social media, the political content mediated there is both a threat and an opportunity for democracy. The Finnish-language meme accounts that have become mainstream in the past few years are both amusing and produce an unprecedentedly direct social criticism, which, thanks to its viral nature, depicts a brave new world. Are internet memes art or political propaganda, or perhaps a secret third thing?

As part of Ars Pori's opening weekend, IT GIRLS will perform a participatory performance together with
Pori Sinfonietta on Saturday 23 September at 15.00 at Iso Karhu.

The IT GIRLS collective is influenced by @pikakahvimemegirl, @princesskimb3rly and

The exhibition has been curated by artist-researcher Jenna Jauhiainen.

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