Marek Waldemar Pluciennik & Francesco Carella

Artist biography

Marek Waldemar Pluciennik is a Polish/Canadian filmmaker and cinema artist based in Helsinki. His work focuses on the material and ephemeral nature of the film medium in installation, expanded cinema performances. In his latest works, he interfaces traditional projectors with digital micro-controllers as he explores visual motion perception in the frame-based medium. The works are a meditative study at the extreme boundaries of apparent movement. Pluciennik refers to it as a liminal flicker, where the viewers' motion perception is tested by a "meltdown" of classic motion perception; a similar phenomenon to liminal space, where an empty space can feel unsettling and familiar at the same time.

Francesco Carella
I started playing alone at 26, then around 30 (1999) we founded Pasta Fissan, my band. From there I started a series of collaborations in solo and non-solo projects, playing in various small festivals in Europe, but moving only with the promotion of friends. outside the "official channels". Mine is a material research of sound, modifying its structure is the goal.

Project description

expanded cinema performance, 35mm film color, 35min.
Audio/Visual performance with modified handcrancked projector and processed sound.

Project images