Andrea Coyotzi Borja

Artist biography

Andrea Coyotzi Borja (b. 1984. México)

Artist based in Helsinki. Her artistic practice focuses on the subject of the quotidian and its relationship to the artistic event. This developed to her current research on the infraordinary in her Doctoral studies at Aalto University. Her artwork has been exhibited in different countries such as México, United States, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria, and Finland.

Project description

Towards gesture and repetition

This project explores the concepts of repetition and gesture with everyday objects.

The everyday is the undetermined and never-ending stream of living.

Repetitions emerge as actions without reflection; while the quotidian  refers to what those repetitions unfold on a communal level,  as a part of a social structure. Repetition can transform what is found in the everyday to an ordinary measure, meaning,  it can take the individuality of the action,  thing, or happening into the realm of the mundane, the ordinary, the uneventful.

Routines and repetition can make the most beautiful object, or the most breathtaking situations disappear into our lives. However, just as repetition can take some quality from the thing,  action, or happening, repetition might bring to light some  information we haven’t noticed before. There are routines in the everyday; there is the ordinary, the pursuit for the extraordinary,  the pursuit for meaning and most of all, the pursuit for purpose.

Everyday life seems to take on a poetic note for a willing eye that longs to get lost rather than focusing specifically on quotidian tasks.

I am unable to catch the meaning of the everyday if I think about it as life. But I am able to approach it whenever I stop and try to focus on different aspects of it, on different questions that might exert a pull towards something; a pull that calls like a siren in the distance and which I willingly follow until the rocks hit and sink my body into the ocean of a meaningless pursuit.

It’s possible that the point is not to think of the everyday as a single entity, but as something that always needs to be thought of in relation to something else. In that sense, every focus or element one takes in relation to the everyday renews what we understand and think regarding the everyday and the artistic practices done within.