Anssi Taulu

Artist biography

Sculpting is my way of parse experiences. I examine our common history and follow everyday phenomena like routines and rituals. Often the motives of these actions remain in the shadows.

In my sculptures and installations, I try to uncover these hidden structures. Part of the impacts of our actions remain undetected, but some of them you can find in the environment. 

I am interested in multi-sensory experience and this is why I like to create spaces where viewers can go in to. Where it is possible to experience a different reality. Spaces that give you the feeling of desolation and solace at the same time.

My premier principles are transparency, lightness, and cyclicality. I’m attracted to the transition of places and objects which have lost their original purpose and open the opportunity for new ideas. I often use different recycled materials, cardboard, plexiglass, wood and readymade objects.

Project images