Canis Ludens

Artist biography

The work of Martinez (and/or Canis Ludens) is articulated in the multidisciplinary, having as main interest the space, context, the uses and practices via the personal emplacement. The critic eye and an acid humor is part of its personal statement. In a constant dialogue between the established and the nonsense, the rationality and le non-dit. The emergency as the only state of creation. The pure nihilism within an urge for the tridimensionality, the installation, the object, aesthetic devices and the document.

Project description

Leikkaamalla ilmaa/ Cutting air / Cortando aire

Sowing archeology as a practice to connect and think of the object as an ucronical archive.
From the traces and leftovers of a random cult, xamanically placing the relic as a document in the act of creation or transformation. A knife as our axis mundi, the ancient need of blood and bleed to keep the wheels spinning.
As the lord of knives, winter, cold air, sin and justice. Iztlacoliuhqui cutting the air. Whistling the sound of the chirimia erupting in the raging beating of the teponaztli. Where the screeching of the machines gives sense to that obsidian knife that splits the flesh of appearances, within the nahual cyborg, dressed in coyote which emanates a stupor of oil and pulque.

Project images