Artist biography

nabbteeri is an artist collective working with changing Constellations of messy interactions between humans and other things. Alongside of Borrowed or repurposed Surplus materials, nabbteeri's stratified, mesh-like works include 3D modeling or other digital crafts.

Project description

Don't break what you can keep intact. To brrreak is easy, to rrrebuild and to create new is difficult, darning and patching tedious and tiresome .

The end is an extension of temporality; we're already in it, writing in a downward motion. Necropastoral: Glyphosate, Solomons-seal sawfly, smut fungus, potato blight, chocolate cyst.

Peat ‑ Burning fumes are carried by the Westerly Winds, and the bioeconomy Rally that the frosty winter enabled makes the house tremble every day. The barren sod grass farm draws the Inconsolable horizons of plantationocene. Yet somewhere on the fringes of monocultures and simplifications, the possibilities of building good life and death emerge among the beings of the inhabited world.