Sini Kallio

Artist biography

I've been an intensely visual person from day one. I grew up in a family where the art of creating something with one's own hands was a given thing.

I was born with a heart disease, which restricted my early life. My world revolved around reading and drawing. Drawing became the way of self-expression. The more I draw, the more I could control my lines, and drawing became the one thing I knew I was good at.

I believe this intense lifelong love-affair with drawing was the thing that made me an artist. Art isn't just my profession, it's my passion, it's an inseparable part of who I am.

My art is a born from personal thoughts and feelings, made with a strive for aestethically joyable result. It's a wild mix of feminism, Pop art, strong colours, pure strength and meticulous details.

Project images