Viljami Heinonen

Artist biography

Ars Pori Megastore presents:

Viljami Heinonen. Painter.

"My work has occupied a shifting space between the figurative and the abstract. The artistic process is characterized by a constant search for something new and the physicality of the act of painting. This is reflected in the sense of movement and the tangible material quality of large masses of paint on the canvas. One of the longest running themes in my works deals with dystopian landscapes, this features heavily in the works displayed in Ars Pori Megastore and represent a period from 2016-2020."

Lately Viljami's works have been exhibited in Forum Box, 2018, in Helsinki and in Makasiini Contemporary, 2020, in Turku. 

Viljami is represented by Makasiini Contemporary Gallery.

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